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Different blood components to meet different needs.

Many of us think of giving whole blood when we refer to blood donation, but that’s only part of the story. Most patients requiring transfusions only need one or two of the many components that make up blood. It would be wasteful and sometimes harmful to give the patient blood components that they do not need.

Cancer patients are the leading users of platelets. The bulk of our platelets are used by the bone marrow transplant patients at Northside Hospital. This program continues to grow due to the acclaimed high rates of survival and the number of platelets the hospital requires continues to grow as well. The need is constant because cancer never takes a day off. How many of us have been touched or know someone who has battled cancer? We ask you to help ABS in this fight against cancer. The bone marrow transplant process would not work without the support of blood donors, our patients require these life saving products to help them through their transplant journey.

ABS uses technology to automate the blood donation process, this separates three of blood’s most vital components—platelets, red blood cells and plasma. This process is called Apheresis and allows for the donor to give the blood component that is most urgently needed, allowing each one of these elements to save lives in its unique way. In about the same time it takes to watch a movie, a single donor can give products to three or four different recipients. An automated donation of this kind allows ABS to respond to the particular blood component needs that a patient may have.

Platelet donors can expect to be at ABS for approximately 2 hours, are not allowed to take aspirin within 48 hours of donation (please do not discontinue your aspirin regimen without consulting your physician), and can donate every 8 days! This is a 1 arm donation. Each donor is welcome to watch a movie on one of our personal DVD players or any other activity that only requires the use of 1 arm. Both ABS locations have wireless access.

For a document that explains why platelets are important please feel free to click on our Platelet Information PDF.

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