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Thank you for taking such good care of me! All of those bags & bags of platelets saved me! I am so blessed to be 5 years CANCER FREE! .”

- Mary Celine C and Clan

I was enlightened of your existence and cause more than 10 years ago by a former colleague that solicited platelet donors for his son. You were known as the Atlanta Blood Center back then. I wanted to find a way to give back to my community and really, really make an impact on someone's life by more than picking up trash or painting a wall, you know? But I was poor (still am), and could not and did not want to make a monetary contribution to a charity, because I did not know how my money would be spent. So what could I do? I could give of myself, and in turn could impact someone's life. That was my hope. The Atlanta Blood Center, now Atlanta Blood Services, allowed me to do that.

ABS makes it easy and fun to donate, with flexible (even Saturday) hours, and a personable staff. The nurses are experienced, competent, and extremely appreciative of the donors, and do whatever it takes to make the donation process as comfortable as possible, providing warm blankets if needed and snacks & movies.

Anyone that wants to be assured that their contribution goes a long way to truly help out a fellow man should think about donating platelets, and think about the Atlanta Blood Services.

Keep up the invaluable work.

- Johnny N

You guys make giving blood like a walk in the park, and a day at the Fair. You gave me juice and cookies (I love cookies), you gave me bottled water, you gave me a carrier for my DVD disc, and now, I open the mail and your letter congratulates me for winning your Atlanta Braves Raffle and 2 tickets to their upcoming game with St. Louis. I feel like I have just won the lottery. Thank you very much. Oh, and by the way, giving the blood was painless, everyone was so very nice and it only took a little while for the whole process. I hope the blood helps someone, but I feel like it was me that was helped.

- Birdie S

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. You are greeted by caring qualified Nursing Staff in a beautiful center. They have the most comfortable chairs; you get your own DVD player to watch a movie. Great snacks, oh by the way, you get to donate life saving Platelets to help save a cancer patient life.

- Barbara F

Thank you for being so awesome to me while I was donating blood last week. You all made the whole experience really enjoyable. Thank you for the cookies, juice and t-shirt. Next time I hope to bring a friend to donate. Blessings to all.

- Laura S

Thanks for the Braves tickets. It was a great game and we had blast! We appreciate your generosity in getting the chance to go.”

- Bill & Brenda D

MY wife and I can not thank you enough for your vital contribution towards my successful treatment. Your work with BMTGA has assured me that my life will be a long one. We wish you and your company continued success. You have our thanks, respect and eternal gratitude.”

- Sam and Amanda W,Patient- Family

AS usual you and the rest of the staff at ABS did another great job with my platelet donation yesterday. As you know I have been a donor there since June of '01 and continue to try to help out for those that I not only don't know but will most likely never meet. It doesn't matter. The fact that I leave there knowing that I may have saved a life, or two, that day is a truly exhilarating feeling that cannot be duplicated. Since I have been blessed with good health I feel that this small "payback" is worth the effort. Keep up the good work and I will see you all again soon.”

- Cos S,Community Donor

I had been going to a bigger blood center the past couple years, since it was more convenient to my home. However, I realized why I used to always go down to the Northside Hospital area to donate.Your new facility was extremely professional, comfortable, and well-run, and I was actually in and out in less time than the closer center. The staff was friendly and efficient, the facility was state-of-the-art, and it was a much more pleasant overall experience…and it's good to be back.

- Steve W, Community Donor

MY Experience as a Blood Center Donor....
I have been a pretty regular platelet donor at the Atlanta Blood Services for about 4 years now. My first visit was in response to an email I received through my office to give for another realtor's daughter who had been diagnosed with a very serious form of adolecent leukemia. I went the next day. I was very nervous because I don't like needles and I had never given platelets before and didn't know what to expect. Much like being pregnant and hearing the 'stories' about what to expect, there are those same 'stories' out there about giving platelets. Well let me tell you....NONE of them are true!

I had the sweetest nurse. Her name was Ruthie. She reminded me a lot of an aunt of mine in Boston and we had a great time 'visiting' while she was taking care of me. I filled out some paperwork, answered a few questions, gave a small vile of blood to be tested so I could be approved and the process began. It took about 45 minutes to donate and you know what? I got the royal treatment! Warm blankets, something to drink, something to eat and my very own DVD player with the movie of my choice to watch! I really enjoyed the pampering!!

Did it hurt you ask? stung for exactly ONE second while Ruthie got me started and then I forgot all about donating because the friendliness and genuine caring on the part of the staff to make my time at the Blood Center comfortable took over my thoughts. I am not the bravest person in the world when it comes to needles. I HATE the sight of blood so guess what? I don't look! But the truth is.....unless someone takes the time to donate, there isn't any way for some sick folks to get better!

I don't make a lot of money and I truly feel that what I could give financially to any charity wouldn't have nearly the impact that my consistent platelet donations do to the sick patients that need them. Now that my friend's child is in remission, I try to give the maximum of 24 times a year as a community service gesture and I will continue to give as long as I am able. I hope you will too....

- Lynda K, Community Donor

THANK you for coming to Holy Inncocents' Episcopal School and informing the student body about the Atlanta Blood Services. Your efforts definitely raised my awareness about the demand for donating blood and motivated me to take action and contribute to saving lives. The information that you presented in such an organized method was simple yet informative and helpful. I admire your commitment to helping others, and your willingness to make incredible efforts to support society. I wish for the best and intend to show service in the future of Atlanta Blood Services.

- Drew S, Future Community Donor

I have been donating platelets at Atlanta Blood Services for many years. The process takes a couple of hours, but thanks to the great ABS staff, the time passes quickly. Whether I'm reading a book, watching a movie or just relaxing, knowing that those couple of hours can make a life-saving difference for someone who is seriously ill is both an honor and a privilege. Unlike whole blood, which can be frozen, platelets have a shelf-life of only five days. It is so important that healthy donors keep that “platelet pipeline” full. Please give!

- Karen B, a Community Donor

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